In June 2016 the Official Lady Lake Visitors Guide & Business Directory was born! 

Remember, as the gateway to The Villages, Lady Lake Chamber members have this annual opportunity to promote themselves in front of the community in this powerful and credible medium. 

Stetler Media & Expos has worked alongside the Lady Lake Chamber to produce "Shop Lady Lake", a local business expo to assist bringing local business and local residents face to face to promote local growth. TO BUY LOCALLY !

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If you have any questions on the upcoming Shop Lady Lake, please email evelyn@stetlermediaandexpos.comtoday!

Shop Lady Lake

December 5, 2018

​at St. Timothy’s Catholic Church


Looking to host a Luncheon, Small Expo, or Other Event?
Stetler Media and Expos can work with you to organize an event to reach local residents.
​Whether you're trying to reach group leaders, individual residents, potential new clients, etc.,
​we'll be happy to work with you to secure a venue, set up catering, take reservations, and more.
If your company is looking to do something special in the area, give us a call!
​We'll do the work so you don't have to!

You can email us at or call us at (352) 753-0736


While the themes, dates, and locations are still to be announced, we are always planning new expos and events to produce in and around The Villages community, and other surrounding areas. To be the first to know about upcoming events, please contact

Evelyn Stetler at
​Be sure to include a little information about your company and what products or services it offers, and we'll be able to better find an expo or event that will meet your needs!


July 13, 2018
at the Wildwood Community Center

In  2013, Stetler Media and Expos produced our first SUPER Expo at the Wildwood Community Center, less than a mile from Brownwood.  

Come meet one-on-one with the most important resident in The Villages . . .


With the rapid growth that's continuing, it’s easy for local residents to get lost or overwhelmed by the number of options they have for all aspects of their lives – shopping, home improvement, health care, and financing, just to name a few.

Do you know that The Villages current year round residency is estimated to be 85,000 - 95,000 residents.  Which, just two years ago, was the the number of winter residents that everyone desired to get in front of.  This means that these year round residents is the group of people that can keep you busy.  It's all about creating a relationship that can change your bottom Line!

The Super Expo will celebrate its fifth year on  Friday, July 13, 2018  in the Wildwood Community Center, which  draws a higher number of new residents looking for these products, services, and businesses. From our experience with producing expos in The Villages, residents attending this expo are actively looking for products and services to impact their lifestyle. 
This expo will give you the opportunity to speak one-on-one with local residents about your products and services, and make a lasting impression on those who attend, just like a market night.  
We hope that you will consider being one of the vendors for this event.   If you're interested in becoming a vendor for the upcoming 2018 SUPER Expo, please email or call (352) 753-0736.