Stetler Media & Expos will work alongside the Lady Lake Chamber to produce "Shop Lady Lake", a local business expo to assist bringing local business and local residents face to face to promote local growth. BUY LOCAL !

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OR CALL US AT (352) 753-0736.

If you have any questions on the upcoming Shop Lady Lake, please email evelyn@stetlermediaandexpos.comtoday!

Christmas Extravaganza

December 8, 2017
at the Wildwood Community Center

Starting in 2016, Stetler Media and Expos will be working alongside Lady Lake Chamber of Commerce to bring the semi-annual, two day art and craft show, Art in the Park, to Lady Lake and The Villages!

​Join us and sell to thousands of attendees the weekend of January 20th and 21st, 2017, and meet a cultured community who adores art!

For Registration Forms, Please Email

If you have any questions on the upcoming Art in the Park, please email, or call (352) 753-0736 today!

Art in the Park

January 20 & 21, 2018
​at Log Cabin Park, Lady Lake



While the themes, dates, and locations are still to be announced, we are always planning new expos and events to produce in and around The Villages community, and other surrounding areas. To be the first to know about upcoming events, please contact Evelyn Stetler at
​Be sure to include a little information about your company and what products or services it offers, and we'll be able to better find an expo or event that will meet your needs!

Our 2nd SUPER Expo in 2014 and shifted the event from September to August annual. This event now regularly brings in about 1000 new and interested clients to our  vendors - Each able to market, sell, and answer questions throughout the day. Continuing in its success, our 3rd & 4th SUPER Expos were a wild success due to all of our wonderful health, wellness, and other local vendors, as well as the edition of some in-state destinations and hotels, with a record turn out year after year!

If you're interested in becoming a vendor for the upcoming 2017 SUPER Expo, please email, or call (352) 753-0736


July 21, 2017
at the Wildwood Community Center

In September 2013, Stetler Media and Expos produced our first SUPER Expo at the Wildwood Community Center, less than a mile outside the newest Villages' downtown - Brownwood. Originally meant as a Home & Health Expo, Stetler Media & Expos SUPER Expo expanded to encompass everything the new residents in the Brownwood area need, as well as products and services older residents didn't know were available to them. The SUPER Expo had about 1200 attendees, many of which were new residents looking for local businesses - from health, home improvements, home furnishing, travel, art, food, beauty supplies, and more!

Coming on December 8th, 2017, Stetler Media and Expos is happy to host the fourth annual CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA!

​This holiday themed event is to help Villagers find unique gifts and ideas for the upcoming holiday season!

Join us to meet thousands of year-rounders and snowbirds, as they speak and buy directly from you at this unique event.

For the Christmas Extravaganza Registration Form, please call (352) 753-0736 or email:

Shop Lady Lake

November 8, 2017

​at St. Timothy’s Catholic Church

Semper Fi Craft Fair 

October 28th & 29th, 2017

North Lake Detachment - Rose Rd

Stetler Media and Expos, along with the Marine League North Lake Detachment of Leesburg, Fl, will be producing their first Craft Fair. The proceeds of this Draft Fair will benefit veterans. This year the detachment will be focusing on placing service dogs with veterans in need. 

This Craft Fair will feature Arts and Crafts, local and national businesses, health and wellness, travel, and more.  The attendees will not only be from the Villages Community, but will also reach to a new audience of Fruitand Park, and Leesburg.

Support your local veterans and become a vendor at this very special Craft Fair.  Email​ or call (352) 753-0736. 

Looking to host a Luncheon, Small Expo, or Other Event?
Stetler Media and Expos can work with you to organize an event to reach local residents.
​Whether you're trying to reach group leaders, individual residents, potential new clients, etc.,
​we'll be happy to work with you to secure a venue, set up catering, take reservations, and more.
If your company is looking to do something special in the area, give us a call!
​We'll do the work so you don't have to!